Client Custom App
Production Date January, 2010
Used Skills PHP, CSS, Javascript, Mysql
Categories Software


Macronexus Requisition Management Software is a software that tracks all expense requests (with dates, cost, department and initiator) made in your company, it integrates an approval work flow of various levels (which can be modified to suit your customized approval process ladder) to approve or disapprove any of these requests. It also tracks all income (credit) processes in your company.

Reports are also generated from these requests (expenses) and the income (credit) processes. These reports are filtered by, year, month, day, period (3 months, 6months, any range), department and also by bank accounts (A BANK RECONSILIATION SYSTEM, manual income inputs are made by your accounting department from bank statements while requests are converted to expenses when they have been fully approved).

This is one good way to track your company’s credit and debit balance.

Our well-integrated and developed requisition management system allows companies to achieve great efficiencies and cost savings by controlling the way purchasing is handled.


  1. Supports regulatory compliance by implementing internal controls, audit trails and clear accountability.
  2. Generates detailed reports which can be printed and exported into Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  3. Customized approval levels can be set (super users who approve or void requests).
  4. User access levels can also be set, to control view of pages and/or vital information.
  5. Ensures accountability in procurement process.
  6. Can be used in private and public companies.
  7. It is web based i.e. the software is installed on a single server to serve your staff as you do not need to install the software on all systems at your location, users would simply login though their web browser.


  1. Data Entry
    1. Make Requests
    2. Add income entries
    3. Make journal postings from bank to bank
  2. Data Entry Processing
    1. Requests Processing/Approval
    2. Requests disapproval
    3. Funds processing for requests
  3. Reports
    1. Income
    2. Request Status
    3. Expenses
    4. Cash and Bank Reports
  4. Administration
    1. Approval Level/Flow Setup.
    2. User Level Setup.
    3. Department Setup.
    4. Administrative User Setup. (Accountant, HODs e.t.c.)
    5. Bank Setup.
    6. Cost Center Setup.
    7. User Setup, User Access Levels, User Level Permissions