Mobile apps are one of the best ways to engage with users - no wonder everyone wants to build one! Wouldn't it be great if you could use your web development knowledge, combined with your React knowledge, to build mobile apps with that? That's exactly what React Native allows you to do!

No need to learn Java, Android, Swift, ObjectiveC or anything of that - React and JavaScript is all you need to create awesome native mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS. That's probably the reason why Instagram, AirBnB, Skype and many other global companies are using it to build their mobile apps! With this course, you can join this league. I'll teach you all you need to create your own React Native apps, publish them to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and dive really deep into the React Native ecosystem.

You'll learn all about the theory behind React Native, its core concepts, how to build responsive designs that work on different device sizes, how to animate React Native apps, how to navigate around, use maps and the camera and so much more! And which better way to learn than by building a real app? We'll build the "Awesome Places" app in this course, an app where users can share amazing pictures and the location where they took them. This app will allow you to see things like using maps, the camera, user authentication, connecting to a server and much more in action.

By the end of the course, we'll of course also go through all steps required to get it into an app store.

Here's a detailed look at what you'll get:
  1. The core concepts and theory.
  2. How to use React, JavaScript and native components.
  3. Understand how to navigate in React Native apps.
  4. A closer look at styling and animating React Native apps.
  5. Instructions on how to use third-party libraries in your React Native app.
  6. Detailed examples on how to use maps or an image picker.
  7. A full user authentication flow.
  8. How to connect to a backend server from your app
  9. Debugging instructions.
  10. And so much more!

What will you need to succeed in this course?

  1. NO Java, Swift or ObjectiveC knowledge is required!
  2. JavaScript and React (for the web) knowledge is required though - you don't need to be an expert but the basics need to be set
  3. I'd be very happy to welcome you in the course!

Who this course is for?

  1. Anyone who wants to use React to build native mobile apps.
  2. Every mobile developer who wishes to learn only one language to write cross-platform mobile apps
  3. Every mobile or web developer who's interested in writing high-performance native apps with JavaScript

What will you need to succeed in this course?

  1. Software
    1. NO Android, Java, Swift or ObjectiveC knowledge is required!
    2. Android Studio (We can provide this for you.)
    3. Node.js
    4. React Native
    5. Latest Jave SDK
    6. Atom IDE
    7. JavaScript - you don't need to be an expert but the basics need to be set
    8. PHP and MySql - Basic knowledge will do.
  2. Hardware
    1. A Laptop
      -(Minimum requirements: Core i5 with 2.5Ghz, 8GB RAM, 200 GB HDD)
      -(Recommended requirements: Core i7 with 2.5Ghz, 8GB RAM, 200 GB HDD)
    2. Internet Access


  • Introduction to React Native.
  • Installing Android Studio.
  • Installing Java SDK.
  • Installing Node (NPM).
  • Installing React Native.
  • Installing Atom IDE.
  • Create your first React Native project.
  • Previewing App in the emulator.
  • Setting up the app.
  • Exploring Components and States.
  • Adding Components.
  • Styling of the App.
  • Creating APP Menu
  • Navigation and Routing.
  • Adding Images.
  • Adding Header and footer.
  • HTTP fetch requests.
  • Database Storage and retrieval.
  • Media Capture with camera.
  • Document and Image viewer.
  • Build to Android (.apk).
  • Publish to Google Playstore.
  • Go ahead and build other apps and start earning Money.

2021 Time Details of the Course

It is a 5 week course, and will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.
Monday Feb 1 2021 to Wednesday March 3 2021.

For more information please call +234 809 235 2001, or whatsapp +234 816 926 3490 or send a mail to

COST is ₦92,500 only.